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Home Remedy Network – Green Tea Helps Fight Free Radicals Along With Other Benefits

We are living in a world that has the good and bad side of technology. We are living longer but we are also surrounded by toxins that are decreasing the quality of that longer life. This article “Home Remedy Network – Green Tea Helps Fight Free Radicals Along With Other Benefits” takes a look at the benefits of green tea in fighting free radicals. There are additional informational links included below.


Home Remedy Network – Green Tea Helps Fight Free Radicals Along With Other Benefits

Home Remedy Network - Green Tea Helps Fight Free Radicals Along With Other Benefits

Home Remedy Network – Green Tea Helps Fight Free Radicals Along With Other Benefits


If you have studied any information provided by health experts you find information saying that you should eat more fruits and vegetables. There are several reasons for this but one of the most important is that they contain antioxidants. One of the best ways to get more antioxidants is with green tea.

First let’s take a look at what antioxidants are and why our bodies need them.

Home Remedy Network – Green Tea Helps Fight Free Radicals Along With Other Benefits – What Are Free Radicals?

The good and the bad of our modern world is we can travel the globe or just across town with relative ease. You can access the knowledge of the ages with the touch of a button. Still all of this technology exposes us to toxins, chemicals and radiation that will generate things known as free radicals that can kill us. Free radials are simply one of the many molecules that make up your body. Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron. Your body is composed of numerous molecule types and free radical is one of them. Free radical is a molecule with unpaired electron. As a result, free radicals are trying to steal electrons from other molecules to create a pair. This process is the underlying cause of many illnesses such as bad cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis or even cancer.

Home Remedy Network – Green Tea Helps Fight Free Radicals Along With Other Benefits  – How Can You Handle Free Radicals?

The best weapon in your arsenal to combat free radicals is known as antioxidants. There are plenty of foods that contain antioxidants and you should eat some or all of them everyday. Foods that contain lots of Vitamins C and E, which are sources of antioxidants are:

1     Small Red Bean (dried)
2     Wild blueberry
3     Red kidney bean (dried)
4     Pinto bean
5     Blueberry (cultivated)
6     Cranberry
7     Artichoke (cooked)
8     Blackberry
9     Prune
10     Raspberry
11     Strawberry
12     Red Delicious apple
13     Granny Smith apple
14     Pecan
15     Sweet cherry
16     Black plum
17     Russet potato
18     Black bean
19     Plum
20     Gala apple

Still some researchers have found that  Epigallocatechin also know as EGCG is actually an even more powerful way to get your supply of antioxidants when compared to Vitamins E and C. Studies have shown that EGCG when compared ot Vitamin E is 25 times more effective and when compared to Vitamin C is 100 times more effective in the elimination of free radicals.

A cup of Green T contains around 100mg of EGCG. This is a great way to increase your intake of antioxidants. Still there are other benefits and here is a list.

Home Remedy Network – Green Tea Helps Fight Free Radicals Along With Other Benefits – List Of Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Helps To Stimulate – Green tea will give you a boast since it contains caffeine.

Green Tea Will Hydrate Your Body –  Since you use water to make green tea it will help keep you hydrated. The level of caffeine is low enough not to dehydrate you.

Green Tea Can Help With A Toothache – Green tea has antibacterial properties so swishing  some in your mouth can be helpful.

Green Tea Fights Inflammation – The EGCG in green tea is also helpful in fighting inflammation in the body.

Green Tea Reduces Stress – Green Tea contains theanine which has been proven to produce a natural calming effect.

Green Tea  Can Boost Your Immunity – The catechins in green tea can also help to prevent you from becoming sick.

Green Tea Can Offer Pain Relief – The EGCG contained in green tea is effective for various kinds of pain relief.

Green Tea Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease – Green Tea has been shown in studies to both reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, while increasing the levels of good cholesterol.

Green Tea Inhibits Formation Of Harmful Blood Clots – Along with the prior benefit green tea will help improve the function of your arteries and allow for good blood flow.

Green Tea Can Help To Reduce The Risk Of Developing High Blood Pressure – Green Tea does a great job of lowering blood pressure levels.

Green Tea Helps To Keep Your Blood Sugar At Healthy Levels –  Green tea contains polyphenols, polysaccharides and the before mentioned catechins which all help to maintain healthy glucose levels.

Green Tea Helps You With Healthy Weight Loss – Green Tea offers a healthy way to lose weight.

Green Tea Will Help To Eliminate Excess Body Fluid – Green tea offers a healthy way to get rid of excess water weight.

Green Tea Will Boost Your Endurance – Catechins and more catechins. They help the body to burn fat as fuel which allows your muscles to withstand more punishment.

Green Tea Is Effective In The Protection Of Your Skin From Sun Damage – Using green tea topically in conjunction with the use of sunscreen.

Green Tea Will Help To Tone Your Skin, Hair And Even Muscles – Applying green tea to your hair will help to strengthen it. Drinking green tea on a regular basis will help muscles function properly and keep your skin healthy.

Green Tea Helps To Reduce The Symptoms Of Psoriasis – Green tea used topically can help with Psoriasis.

Green Tea Reduces And Even Could Eliminate The Redness Of Rosacea – Cream infused with green tea extract is very helpful.

Green Tea Helps You Keep A Youthful Appearance By Preventing Wrinkles – Antioxidants can cause skin damage and wrinkles can be one of the side effects of skin damage. Green tea helps prevent that from happening.

Green Tea Can Help With The Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis – There have been studies which have shown that using green tea extract is effective in the treatment of  Multiple Sclerosis or MS.

Green Tea Can Help In Treating Parkinson’s Disease – Free radicals have been shown to play a part in Parkinson’s Disease and this is where green tea and the antioxidants it provides are helpful.

Green Tea Can Help To Avoid Memory Loss – The EGCG contained in green tea stimulates brain cells to help them regenerate and prosper.

Green Tea Helps The Body Attack Cancer Causing Cells – Catechins are your friend in fighting cancer and green tea contains plenty of these special antioxidants.

As you can see green tea offers many benefits. You should always seek the advice of a professional and should not discontinue any prescribed treatments on your own.

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