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Has Anyone Out There Have Polycythemia Vera And Been Cured With Alternative Medicine?

Traditional Western treatment uses a drug that ultimately causes leukemia. I have seen websites in Europe that use Chinese or Indian herbs that claim to help and heal this disease. My dear friend is afflicted and I am sure there is a better treatment using alternative, holistic medicine than the current western treatment of phlebotomy and a chemo-type drug. The body produces too many red blood cells, and platelets resulting in too much iron and very thickened blood in this condition. The websites for herbal cures were in Europe.

actually, depending on the meaning you take from alternative medecine,meaning something that is not medecine? and people that practice and use alternative methods don’t cure anything. “Cure” is exclusive for doctors and the medical profession. We restore people to health. To do that you need to go back to God and nature, to the good, wholesome food that were put here on this earth, that man has totally failed to improve on. And you need to get all the toxins out of your body. I really think you need to find out if your friend wants your help. It is totally her choice to decide what to do, and the consequences of what she decides to do are hers alone, and so is the responsibility for the research and educating herself, this can be a long process… I have been using natural therapies and nutrition for myself and my family for my whole adult life…yet there is still so much I don’t know, and if I want to take a risk, that is my choice, based on my knowledge and belief and understanding of the natural therapy I am doing, and I would never recommend anyone to do anything I have not tried on myself, ( I am my own guinea pig!) lol I just feel she has already made her choice and if she trusts her doctors its probably the best one. If she wants your help, and you want to do the research, I’d say 100 hours to start… that’s your choice. I would start with juicing, a all natural alkaline diet, and detoxing, which I don’t know a lot about, there are foot baths some natural practitioners do to pull heavy metals out of the body, it is questionable that they actually do… and any herbs need to be okayd by the doctor, and since they know little of them, they pro don’t really know if they are safe with her medicine, so I would look more for a biochemist that practices nutritional consulting, or a chiropractor that helps people with nutrition.. good luck I do believe for every dis-ease there is a cure, as it says in the Bible, and I believe it is talking about nature and natural things… I don’t think they had doctors way back then…! So, yes I believe if you want something bad enough, there is a way to know it, and if you believe something enough, you will live it’s truth. when I think too many red blood cells, I think detox, how can your body get right messages when its collected all these toxins? And she could talk to her doctor and see if he knows anything about detoxing.Adelle Davis has two great books, Lets eat right to keep fit and Let’s get well, she was really great in nutrition, and although they say she is obsolete, she has an excellent diet layout for when the cause is unknown or what to do with nutrition is unknown. She explains how your body just needs some 40 nutrients, and complete proteins to work properly, and how to make sure you get them all. What she didn’t know was about detoxing, and I heard she died of cancer, and I think because she didn’t know about detoxing. If you really want to help your friend, you could buy these books used and get her to start reading the first one, and she will not be able to set it down… it is fascinating, and she be inspired to start doing these things, and since it is all food…it is so safe!