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Harvey’s Story about his Alternative Cancer Treatment in Tijuana, Mexico

5 years ago Harvey was diagnosed with brain cancer, and his doctors told him that he only had a year and a half to live. After having a portion of the brain tumor removed, and undergoing 8 weeks of chemotherapy (which he says he would NEVER do again, because of how horrific that experience was for him) he looked for some alternative cancer treatments. He noticed that a few people had mentioned Mexico to him, and even his chiropractor of many years gave him the name of a hospital down in Mexico that uses alternative methods to treat people with cancer.

According to his doctors, Harvey should not be here with us today. Harvey is fully confident that the reason he’s doing so well is because of the treatment he received in Mexico, and he highly recommends that people with cancer seek out alternative treatments. Not only is Harvey still alive and WELL, but his immune system is so strong now that he hasn’t even been sick since 2004 when he was diagnosed with cancer!

When you give the body what it needs, it can heal itself.

Cancer can’t live and grow inside a healthy body.

You cant heal with poisons (ex. chemotherapy)!

Just because you might be more genetically susceptible to getting cancer, doesnt mean that you WILL get it (like a seed needs water, oxygen, light, etc. to grow; cancer cells need certain things to grow and flourish also… and a healthy body does NOT have what the cancer cells need).

The cancer industry is a business, and a ‘cure’ would put them out of business! … to hear more about it watch the movie “Healing Cancer from Inside Out”. I have the trailer for the movie posted on my channel.



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