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Dr. Leonard Horowitz – Restoring The World’s Natural Healing Paradigm

The world is taking a different view towards healing and this article looks at that new view. The Natural Healing Paradigm.

Billions are being targeted for population reduction through deadly, genetically-mutating, cancer causing vaccinations, polluting chemicals and toxic drugs. To shift paradigms to freeing natural healing, we need wisdom coupled with faith to celebrate Divine intervention and conscious evolution. This presentation reveals the Five Steps to Health, Happiness, and Sustainability including practical advice to stay well despite myriad risks. Dr. Horowitz merges physical and metaphysical sciences, traditionally honored natural healing practices and common theologies that not only bring people of all religions and cultures together in love, but guides social and political transformation into the Age of Peace.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is alternative medicine’s most riveting and controversial speaker. Honored as a “World Leading Intellectual” by the World Organization of Natural Medicine and knighted for his humanitarian efforts in exposing vaccination genocides, he is an internationally known authority in the overlapping fields of public health, behavioral science, emerging diseases and natural healing.

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