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Are There Any Holistic Health Schools

Holistic Health Schools

I am looking for some Holistic Health Schools. Does anyone have a list of Holistic Health Schools in the US. I would like to become either a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Holistic or Naturopathic Doctor, or any other alternative health care profession that you can think of. If you know of what professions Holistic Health Schools provide degrees in? Im looking for some Holistic Health Schoolsthat use natural healing methods. I would love to know. Thank you!

Holistic Health Schools

Holistic Health Schools offer alternative medicine degrees

Here are some Holistic Health Schools in the US:

Bastyr University, NCNM (National College of Natural Medicine), The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

All of the Holistic Health Schools I’ve listed are of course accredited. Bastyr University is located in Washington state, the other two are located in Oregon.

Good luck!

Holistic Health Schools