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Alternative Treatment For ADHD – Is Your Medicine Chest Locked?

ADHD is becoming more and more common these days. The use of prescription drugs seems to be the solution of choice. This should not just be accepted as gospel when suggested, recommended or even required. Make sure and get a second opinion. This article “Alternative Treatment for ADHD – Is Your Medicine Chest Locked?” takes a look at alternative options for treating ADHD. There are additional links to alternative treatment for ADHD resources below.


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Alternative Treatment For ADHD – Is Your Medicine Chest Locked

Most people would be shocked to know that studies have shown that a majority of teenagers are using medicines from their family medicine cabinet, such as  Ritalin and Strattera and Vyvense. Many parents are looking to use alternative treatments that will not teach their children to look to drugs as a solution for all problems.

Alternative Treatment For ADHD – Is Your Medicine Chest Locked – Do The Teachers Know Best?

While not all teachers believe in using psycho stimulant drugs evidence shows that many school officials use that as a first option for the treatment of ADHD. There was a recent story about a 13 yr old boy who was told by his teacher that he should be on Ritalin. The child’s physician agreed and prescribed it for the child. After noticing some side effects with Ritalin and other drugs prescribed to treat the ADHD the doctor and the parents decided to take the young man off all prescription drugs. The school expelled the child because they felt he should be on Ritalin or some other medication. The child was then home schooled, remained off drugs and is doing well academically.

Alternative Treatment For ADHD – Is Your Medicine Chest Locked – Is Behavior Therapy An Option

Behavior therapy is an option that is used to treat children with ADHD. This treatment uses a system of rewards for good behavior and canceling of privileges for bad behavior. Things are tracked using lists, software etc.

Alternative Treatment For ADHD – Is Your Medicine Chest Locked – Don’t Let The TV Do The Parenting For You

Being an active parent will yield results when parenting an ADHD child. Establishing a schedule, assigning chores, working with listening skills and other techniques to be involved  in and monitoring your child’s behavior works best. Making sure that the child is surrounded by love and attention does not include leaving them alone in front of the TV or PC.

Alternative Treatment For ADHD – Is Your Medicine Chest LockedCognitive Therapy Will Build Upon Positive Reinforcements

Cognitive therapy is becoming an increasingly popular option. Cognitive therapy works when a child receives encouragement, which will build the child’s self-esteem. An increase in self-esteem improves self confidence that increase optimism. Positive thoughts will influence behavior towards the positive side.

Alternative Treatment For ADHD – Is Your Medicine Chest LockedEliminate Dangerous Additives From The Child’s Diet

Many foods that seem harmless are actually not healthy for your child and can trigger reactions. Foods with high levels of sugar and color additives are not good for your child. These items can both cause hyperactivity. There are 21 color additives that can trigger symptoms of ADHD. This list can be found at the
Keeping an eye on a child’s diet and helping them to avoid consuming large amounts of children’s sweets and snack foods which tend to contain dangerous additives.

While in some cases pharmaceuticals can help with ADHD they are over prescribed. Taking advantage of the above listed Alternative Treatment For ADHD options could lead to positive results.


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