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Alternative medicine is something that is gaining in popularity. What was once old is now new. This article “Acupuncture Training Schools” looks at the option of being a part of that. You can become trained in acupuncture and be a part of the old becoming new. There are links to other websites that will offer additional information to help you in your quest to learn more about acupuncture.

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There are more that fifty different acupuncture schools in the US and more in Canada. The laws governing the training of acupuncture differ depending on the state or providence that you live in. Many acupuncture training schools have the ability to customize their training programs.

Many acupuncture training schools offer a 3 year masters of science degree program or a 4 year masters of science program in Oriental Medicine.  In plenty of cases some acupuncture training schools also will extend their post-graduate studies in areas such as Chinese Herbology, along with continuing education as well as Doctoral classes. Acupuncture training schools instruct in a variety of Oriental medicine techniques; including electric acupuncture, 5-Element acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, Tui Na, and Auricular Acupuncture, other than Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Students who attend acupuncture training schools usually have attaining a full understanding in all of the diversified sciences as well as the philosophies of acupuncture along with Oriental medicine as their primary goals for attending an acupuncture training school. After graduates in acupuncture training programs have successfully acquired their professional licenses, they will be able to operate a professional practice; along with having the ability to offer their techniques in natural healing to their clients who are interested in alternative means of enjoying improved health as well as overall well-being.

The typical progression in the learning process usually includes traditional Oriental medicine as one of the first subjects taught.  Students will also be instructed in topics such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, anatomy, body therapies, Tai Chi and bioscience in the first year of studies. During their second year, students who are in an acupuncture training school will be trained in more in-depth and advanced concepts of Oriental medicine as well as acupuncture.  By their third year students are ready to start their clinical internships which will give them some hands on experience. This will allow patients the opportunity work with their own patients and gain the skills necessary to operate their own practice.

There are plenty of opportunities in the field of Alternative Medicine in areas such as  acupuncture, massage therapy, oriental medicine, cosmetology, Reiki just to mention a few. There are plenty of programs near you.


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