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Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Back Pain Demo

Alternative medicine has been a part of this world for centuries. Still there has been at time when it was almost forgotten. Now Alternative Medicine is making a Renaissance. This article “Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Back Pain Demo” offers an example of how Alternative Medicine can help some common and life altering aliments. Links to additional sites that will offer information regarding Alternative Medicine, Acupuncture Therapy and Back Pain relief are below.

Home Remedy Network - Acupuncture Therapy - Acupuncture Back Pain Demo

Home Remedy Network – Acupuncture Therapy – Acupuncture Back Pain Demo

Almost 80% of people in the US will experience back pain in their lower back at some point during their lifetime. Of the top 10 reasons that people seek help from a medical professional back pain is one of them. Back pain is also listed as the #1 reason that people seek acupuncture treatment. The light at the end of the tunnel is that acupuncture has bee shown to be effective in the treatment of back pain.

In a recent study, patients who received acupuncture treatments found more relief than those who received a placebo type treatment. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to know regarding acupuncture treatment for back pain.

Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Back Pain Demo Understanding Spinal Disk Problems – Diagnosis & Treatment

Since back pain comes in many forms and has many causes you should always make there that whoever is providing your treatment has a complete history of the time, circumstances and possible causes of your back pain.  There should also be a physical examination prior to any treatment.

Acupuncture has been shown to be effective for patients who have chronic back pain that has not been helped by conventional treatments.

Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Back Pain Demo – How Acupuncture Helps Back Pain

Two thousand five hundred years ago the use of acupuncture started in China. Acupuncture is a treatment that involves the practitioner inserting tiny thin needles into specific parts of your body.  Chinese tradition tells us that the over two thousand points used in acupuncture are connected to areas or pathways through which the body’s energy or Qi flows. Chinese traditionalists say that this will help correct any imbalances in the Qi or flow of energy in the body. This will help to eliminate pain, reduce stress and improve overall health.

Modern science says that there could be several reasons for the effectiveness of acupuncture.

1. The insertion of the needles in some way stimulates the nervous system to release the body’s natural pain relieving chemicals.

2. The use of acupuncture speeds up the relay of the body’s electromagnetic signals. This may make the release of the body’s pain killing chemicals called endorphins or strengthen the immune system.

3. Acupuncture may trigger the release of chemicals in the brain called opioids which aid in sleep and pain reduction.

4. Another possibility is that acupuncture alters that chemistry of the brain by changing the way neurotransmitters and neurohormones are released. Neurohormones can affect the function or activity of an organ in the body.

Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Back Pain Demo – Acupuncture Risks and Side Effects

Acupuncture is safe when you use a practitioner who is experienced and  trained. The main risks are possible infections or rarely punctured organs.

Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Back Pain Demo – Points to Consider About Acupuncture

You should always make sure that any practitioner you use is aware of any prior treatments that have been attempted and the results. You should also disclose any medicines or other aliments that you have.

You should also confirm with you insurance provider whether treatments will be covered prior to starting them. Cost can, in some cases, be a deterrent.


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Ever wonder what it’s like to be treated at an acupuncture facility? Learn more about acupuncture and back pain from our medical expert in this free video.

Bio: Robert Linde has been practicing tai chi for 13 years. As an acupuncturist and registered herbalist, he’s studied herbs since 1975 and practiced traditional Chinese medicine for over 6 years.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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