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Natural Joint Pain Treatments

Part of the problem people have with arthritis pain treatments is that they don’t want to simply treat the symptoms. This article offers some treatments that will treat the cause as well as the symptoms. Make sure and take advantage of the informational links included.

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Joint Pain Can Be Relieved Naturally


What exactly is arthritis?

Arthritis is essentially irritation in the joints that results in extreme pain. The condition usually effects the range of motion in the joints and results in pain and discomfort. There are numerous kinds of arthritis each effecting various parts of the joint. Many causes are related to the start of Arthritis including infections in the body, DNA transfer, dietary deficiency, injury, difference in weather especially the cold, overweight, stresses and physical stress. Each specific cause for arthritis has it’s own all-natural solution.

1.Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is known as the natural cure for the form of Arthritis known as Septic.Colloidal kills Bacteria preventing them from multiplying This prevents the invaders from re-producing and enables the body to rid the bacteria easily through the immune system allowing the body to return back to it’s state of health, naturally.


It is a tree within India whose gum tends to be extracted and be used as an anti-inflammatory .Boswellic acids that happen to be located in the gum extract of boswellia help in stopping formation of leukotrienes .The leukotrienes include the cells that have fun playing the formation of inflammations in your body.

3.Thunder god vine

The Thunder God Vine is an Asian tree located in such places as Japan, China and Korea. The tree posesses a dietary supplement that has a natural anti-inflammatory agent which is frequently used as relief from Arthritis. The greatest pain is due to the inflammation. After we decrease the inflammation the pain generally decreases also. The Thunder God vine creates a purely herbal remedy and is taken internally.

4. Cherries

Cherries could be boiled or taken while fresh. They could cure arthritis naturally. Cherries are abundant in potassium and magnesium .Potassium present in them may help in relieving inflammation in the body. It is because potassium is often a diuretic substance. The potassium in the cherries, works well in relieving the soreness by releasing the fluids as a result of inflammation. Magnesium on the reverse side may help in lessening the pain sensation felt on account of arthritis.

5.Dandelion leaves

They’re rich in vit a and C. For increased effectiveness they’re eaten while raw in salads. They may be necessary in initiating repair of tissues in your body while enhancing the liver in clearing toxins that could be in the blood. By assisting in the removing of the detrimental body toxins they easily eliminate toxins bringing about formation of arthritis which can be carried within the blood.

6.Desert devil

This is a plant within Kalahari Desert which is found in Nigeria .Its roots are dug and also the extract found from the roots is used tea brew. Sometimes it could be dried and made into powder where technology-not only in tablets form for the treatment of arthritis. The tablets made are purely of desert devil plant extract. There is absolutely no other ingredients added hence can make it be a natural cure for arthritis .Desert devil has harpagoside which is a dynamic ingredient .Harpagoside has great anti-inflammatory effect on the human body making it good at curing arthritis naturally.


Ginger works extremely well naturally in salads ,soups or sauce to deal with arthritis .Besides treating arthritis ginger can be used to decrease the pains due to arthritis .Arthritis could cause lots of pains from the joints, using ginger can certainly produce a patient feel great. This doesn’t bring opposite side effects that can be linked to other manufactured drugs.

8.Eucalyptus oil

The oil in the eucalyptus might be warmed and placed onto the joint affected with arthritis .As soon as the eucalyptus oil is used the joint might be covered with an air tight covering and steaming towels in order to spread the heat on the joint. This brings quick relief when it comes to arthritis pains.

9.Using bee stings

It’s a natural arthritis cure that is very ancient.Bee stings are used on an individual with arthritis. The venom contained in bee stings will stimulate your body defense mechanisms to make inflammatory substances that will also help treat arthritis.


Angelica calms the muscle and is seen to decrease the painfulness arthritis triggers. It’s also abundant in anti inflammatory ingredients.

11.Black Cohosh

It is really an herb found in America and India which is used for treating arthritis.


This can be a plant which you can use to deal with arthritis to eat its seeds that contain large amount of anti-inflammatory compound

These are simply a few of the all natural remedies with regard to Arthritis. Hope you enjoyed this article and as pointed out always seek advice from your healthcare professional before testing or making use of any of these techniques.


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