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Proactiv Acne Treatment Review

Whether on TV, newspapers or the internet just because something is written or advertised doesn’t mean that it is true. In the words of Abraham Lincoln “Don’t believe everything that you read on the internet. This article reviews a popular treatment for acne, Proactiv. You should take the time to do your own research. We have included some additional links in this article.


Home Remedy Network – Proactiv Acne Treatment Review

Proactiv is advertised to treat acne but does it?

What is Proactiv

When you go to the to the official Proactiv website, here is how that question is answered:

How Proactiv Solution Works

“The acne cycle starts invisibly, below the skin’s surface, weeks before a blemish breaks out. That’s why Proactiv is designed to attack acne “proactively”—delivering the right combination of medicines and skin-care agents, in the right order and concentrations, to help control the acne cycle before breakouts occur. If you have acne, Proactiv Solution is the key to a clear, BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION™.”

Proactiv’s website contains multiple “reviews” and “testimonials” that it claims are from satisfied customers touting how effective Proactiv is. This begs the question “Does Proactiv Live Up To The Claims?”

Can Proactiv Produce as Promised and be a One Size Fits All Acne Solution?

While reviews offered on the official Proactiv website suggest that Proactiv is effective for any skin type we can find evidence to support this claim. For those with sensitive skin type, Proactiv is not as effective. If you have a mild case of acne Proactiv works well. It does the job by keeping the skin clean and will act as a preventive measure against outbreaks in the future. If you have sensitive skin Proactiv could actually make things worse.

Proactiv The Side Effects

The exact ingredients that make Proactiv effective for some to use are the same ones which make it harmful to others. As we mentioned earlier, people with sensitive skin types should avoid Proactiv. When you start using Proactiv be aware of any reactions and discontinue use if any adverse effects occur.  You should only use Proactiv as directed.

Proactiv can also cause your skin to dry out. This could cause a situation where you body tries to compensate by producing more oil. When you skin produces to much oil extreme acne can result.


Proactiv Ratings and Complaints from other 3rd Party sites.

The Better Business Bureau give Guthy Renker Corporation, the parent company of Proactiv, an A+ rating. This is even though 29 out of 31 reviews were extremely negative. Most of these negative reviews stemmed from Proactiv being non-responsive to billing errors, cancelled subscriptions etc.

The entire review of Pro

->BBB Rating of Guthy Renker Corporation<-

I would suggest taking the time to read all of the reviews and the rating by the BBB.

The reviews listed lead us to conclude that even if you are satisfied with the product you could have some billing issues.

Proactiv and our Bottom Line Review

From our research, Proactiv can be effective under certain conditions and when used properly. Still like all products, Proactiv isn’t for everyone and it must be used properly. As one of the reviews suggested, it might be best used without the monthly subscription to avoid billing issues.



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