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Natural Acne Tips And Treatments – Save Your Skin And Money

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. This article offers some suggestions to save your complexion and your wallet from becoming empty. Check out the included links for additional information.

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Repair and care for your skin without breaking the bank

Keeping your skin clear doesn’t have to be a trying experience. There are multiple inexpensive natural treatment options available. Below we have listed  some helpful, low cost tips that will help you keep acne at bay. Test them out because not all treatments work in all cases, everyone is different. First let’s look into what acne is.

Acne and the most common types

Here are the most common types of acne:

  1. whiteheads
  2. blackheads
  3. papules
  4. pustules
  5. nodules
  6. cysts.

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There are multiple studies which show that acne isn’t simply a problem involving young people. Acne impacts people at all ages, and can  have a very negative affect on the daily lives of those who suffer. An example is a survey done in Great Britain, which showed that 95% of sixteen year old males along with 83% of sixteen year old females suffered from acne.

Bad diet is more often the cause of acne and similar type conditions. When your liver works to purge toxins as a result of bad food or other poor life choices, drugs and the chemicals we encounter, those toxins are sent through your skin. These toxins erupt into pimples, acne or other skin disorders.

Since the latest research indicates a connection between stress and acne, make an effort to cut down on stress any way you can.

Effective Natural Acne Treatments

Natural Treatment #1 Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil in a thin layer then massaging it into your skin will help heal plus soothe the impacted area.

Natural Treatment #2 Apple Cider Vinegar

Using raw apple cider vinegar works wonders on your skin. This will be the case if your skin is not already irritated from using acne medicines or some other failed treatment.

Natural Treatment #3 Baking Soda

Use baking soda to gently and carefully exfoliate a test area. If this is effective continue use.

Natural Treatment #4 Shave With Your Skin

Shave carefully and try both electric and safety razors to see which works best for you.

Natural Treatment #5 Hydrate

Drink plenty of pure water. Bottled or filtered if you can afford it. Most experts recommend 8 to 12 glasses of 12 ounces of water daily.

Natural Treatment #6 Eat Natural And Healthy

Changing your diet can have a beneficial effect on acne in a relatively short period of time. Usually you should start seeing results in about a week or two. Eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables plus avoiding processed foods is the ticket.

Natural Treatment #7 Add Fresh Fish and / or Fish Oil Supplements

If available cold water fish from a known source can be excellent. This can have drawbacks because of toxins in water. Fish oil supplements are processed to remove toxins before hand.

You should be aware of how each of these suggestions works, impacts your skin or just isn’t for you. If you have an extreme reaction, discontinue use right away. Everyone is different and you have to determine what is best for you.



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