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Home Remedy Network Best Acne Treatments Reviews- How To Fight Against Acne

Acne can not only be embarrassing but it can be painful and dangerous. This article “Home Remedy Network Best Acne Treatments Reviews- How To Fight Against Acne” looks at some options for ways to fight acne. There are additional links to acne treatments at the end of this article.

Home Remedy Network Best Acne Treatments Reviews- How To Fight Against Acne

Home Remedy Network Best Acne Treatments Reviews- How To Fight Against Acne


An embarrassing and disfiguring skin problem which afflicts numerous teenagers and adults is acne. This skin problem can cause problems in many areas of the body but is often concentrated on the upper torso and the facial area. Pimples and pustules of acne are caused by many different factors involving the body. Oil producing glands which are located in the subcutaneous layer of the skin produce sebum oil which is used by the skin for lubrication purpose and to avoid dehydration. The skin oil glands can produce an excess of oil when stimulated by hormonal variations, stress and nutrition deficiencies.

When your body makes excessive amount of sebum oil it could become mixed with dead skin cells and create plugs in your skin pores. Skin pores which are blocked up are easily infected by the bacteria that cause acne. When your skin is infected with acne bacteria, it can form blackheads, pimples, whiteheads or hard cysts under the skin. There are some methods which you can employ to deal with your acne. Getting rid of bacteria is among the best acne treatments and so wash affected areas on your body at least two times each day making use of hypoallergenic cleansers and an exfoliating applicator.

Once an acne infection has appeared the best acne treatments are those which manage the causes of the acne, so they should be anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory or act as an exfoliate. Anti-bacterial agents will kill the P. acnes bacteria, anti-inflammatory components will reduce acne swelling and soreness and exfoliates will take away dead skin cells, bacteria and excess oil from the skin. A few of the best acne treatments available that can be used at home are benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin A, sulfur and a variety of holistic therapies. These remedies have proved to be effective on acne.

Benzoyl peroxide is effective at treating acne as it sinks deep into the skin layers and kills acne causing bacteria. That eases soreness and aids in loosening plugs in the skin pores that are producing blackheads. It also acts as an exfoliating agent to remove impurities and dry extra skin oil. Scientific research studies have found that benzoyl peroxide is the best acne treatment but it can have some side effects on individuals with sensitive skin, which includes drying and scaling of the skin. Benzoyl peroxide should be applied cautiously at first to check skin reaction after which you can used daily if no unwanted side effects occur.

Salicylic acid works on acne infections by breaking down the protein which holds skin cells together and this enables old and dead skin to be exfoliated and promotes the growth of new and healthy skin. Salicylic acid is mild however works effectively over the long term. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are generally known as AHA. This substance is suitable for all skin types as a cleanser for both preventing and curing acne. These acids work as a mild exfoliate and in addition encourage elastins and collagen production which protects the skin impairment from acne infections.

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