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What is High Blood Pressure?

You have to have blood flow to live. High blood pressure on the other hand isn’t good. This article looks at high blood pressure, causes and some treatments. You should always consult your personal physician when attempting to treat any blood pressure issues. High Blood Pressure What is blood pressure? Before we discuss high blood…

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Home Remedy Network – Psoriasis Home Treatments That Offer Relief

Psoriasis herbal treatments work well in getting rid of skin Psoriasis, a skin issue that has dry skin, irritation, inflammation, scaly patches and also swelling. Its symptoms can be relieved by means of Psoriasis herbal treatments. There are medicinal herbs which could deliver pain relief and these comprise of calendula, milk thistle, natural aloe-vera, evening primrose as well as neem. These are known as immune-supportive herbs that moisturize the skin. They’ve elements that calm the skin and prevent Psoriasis from recurring.

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Crystal Healing: Your host Peter Bedard sits down with Rev. Patricia Bankins, RM, C.Ht., TCT who owns the Crystal Matrix, a healing center in Los Angeles, California. Patricia is a long time crystal therapy practitioner who has experienced personal healing from crystal therapy and assisted hundreds of others in healing themselves using the power of…

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine Video

My video for health class talking about Complementary and Alternative Medicine. (CAM.) Even though it’s corny, we had some laughs while making it. ArleneArsenite: OmGiTsAfLaMiNgPiE: Thanks for watching and please subscribe! Duration : 0:7:27

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The Different Kinds Of Self Hypnosis

There are lots of things that are being pushed inside one’s conscious and subconscious. Most of these memories are either being suppressed or being remembered. Either way, a person can somehow take control of his memories through hypnosis Neenah WI.

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Home Remedy Network Does Acupuncture For Infertility Work

Infertility can be frustrating. You’ve tried and you’ve tried method after method, consulted your doctor, got a second opinion, but nothing is working. It’s to the point where you’re considering any option available. Maybe, now, it’s time to consider using acupuncture for infertility.

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The Watermelon: A Great Natural Remedy!

As summer comes upon us thoughts of sitting on the beach or in your backyard eating a cold piece of watermelon might be coming to mind. There are many reasons to do so and they are discussed in this article “The Watermelon: A Great Natural Remedy!”. We have also included some links to other resources…

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Home Remedy Network Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy Chiropractic Care Offers Relief

Many pregnant women are not aware of the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. They may have thought that morning sickness that would do them in, or they worry about the delivery itself. What many women do not even anticipate is near debilitating lower back pain that often peaks during the last trimester. As a matter of fact, back pain is reported by the APA as being one of top ailments inflicting soon-to-be mothers. It is estimated that somewhere between 50 and 70% of expecting women experience lower back pain. And the pain is not the only problem. Back pain can lead to headaches, difficulty walking, interruptions in sleep, among other issues that can make any woman miserable.

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Home Remedy Network Best Acne Treatments Reviews- How To Fight Against Acne

An embarrassing and disfiguring skin problem which afflicts numerous teenagers and adults is acne. This skin problem can cause problems in many areas of the body but is often concentrated on the upper torso and the facial area. Pimples and pustules of acne are caused by many different factors involving the body. Oil producing glands which are located in the subcutaneous layer of the skin produce sebum oil which is used by the skin for lubrication purpose and to avoid dehydration. The skin oil glands can produce an excess of oil when stimulated by hormonal variations, stress and nutrition deficiencies.

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