/The Top Five Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

The Top Five Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

If you watch TV at all more than likely you have seen ads regarding ED or Erectile Dysfunction. While there are medications that are effective for treating erectile dysfunction there are also some natural options. This article “The Top Five Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction”  offers some natural options for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Your personal physician should be involved in any decisions you make to for the use of any supplements.

Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction, ED Problems Treated Naturally
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Although the question “What is Erectile Dysfunction?” sounds simple enough there are many answers. For most erectile dysfunction used to be known as impotence. Erectile dysfunction is nothing more than the inability to maintain or obtain an erection that is adequate for the completion of satisfactory sexual activity. While this can occur at any age it does occur most often in men over the age of sixty five.


The Top Five Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction  are listed below in particular order:

Top Five Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction #1) L-Arginine

The supplement L-arginine is an amino acid. L-arginine is used by the body to make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide in return is a substance tells smooth muscles surrounding your blood vessels to relax. This action in turn dilates the blood vessels and will increase blood flow. When the smooth muscle becomes relaxed in the penis this will allow for the enhancement of blood flow, which will lead to an erection.

L-arginine can be naturally in such foods as fish, dairy, meat, and L-arginine can also be found in supplement form. Some companies will market under the label of “Natural Viagra”.

There have a couple of studies completed on the effectiveness of L-arginine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Here are the results:

The first study had 50 men use L-arginine at a level of 5 grams per day or they were give a placebo. At the end of a six weeks period, significantly more of the men taking the L-arginine over the placebo experienced some improvement in their sexual function versus the men who were given the placebo. The interesting fact is that only the men who had low levels of nitric oxide showed improvement.

There was a second study completed where a smaller dose of L-arginine was given for a shorter period of time. This study showed no improvement. There 33 men who participated in the study. The dosage was only 500 mg and the time period was only 17 days.

The side effects experienced with the use of L-arginine included digestive complaints increased levels of gastrin which is a hormone that correlates with increased stomach acid. This means that people with ulcers should be cautious when taking L-arginine. L-arginine has also been shown to alter levels of potassium within the body, most notably in the case of people with liver disease.
Top Five Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction #2) Propionyl-L-Carnitine

There was a study involving the use of propionyl-L-carnitine in two forms. Both propionyl-L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine were used in a study with 96 men. These men experienced erectile dysfunction after having prostate surgery. The first group was given a placebo only. The second group was given propionyl-L-carnitine at the level of(2 grams a day along with plus acetyl-L-carnitine also at the level of 2 grams per day along with sildenafil (Viagra)  as needed. Finally, a third group use used Viagra alone.

Both propionyl-L-carnitine as well as acetyl-L-carnitine showed the ability to enhance the effectiveness of sildenafil. The results were an improvement in erectile function, sexual intercourse satisfaction, orgasm, and general sexual well-being when compared to the use of Viagra alone.

An additional study was completed that took a look at the effectiveness of propionyl-L-carnitine in supplement for when used with sildenafil. This study involved men with erectile dysfunction who suffered from diabetes and who had not responded to Viagra alone. These men who participated were given either propionyl-L-carnitine at a dosage of 2 grams a day along with Viagra in a dose of fifty mg two times per week or simply Viagra. At the end of the 24 weeks study, propionyl-L-carnitine when used with Viagra showed a better effectiveness than just the Viagra alone.

Top Five Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction #3) Gingko

For people with erectile dysfunction especially those who have sexual dysfunction as a result of taking antidepressant drugs the herb ginkgo has been effective. Gingko has show to relax smooth muscle and as a result enhance blood flow in the penis.

There was a study which involved sixty men who suffered from erectile dysfunction. When given gingko for a period of 6 months the men taking gingko showed a better success rate than those taking a placebo. There were however 2 other studies that showed ginkgo to be no more effective than a placebo.
Top Five Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction #4) Zinc

Significant depletion of the mineral zinc, which has been associated with long-term use of diuretics, diabetes, digestive disorders, and certain kidney and liver diseases, has been shown to lead to erectile dysfunction.

Top Five Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction # 5) Ashwagandha

The herb ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is sometimes called Indian Ginseng because it is thought to have similar effects on the body. It is thought to increase energy, stamina, and sexual function. No studies, however, have examined whether it is effective for erectile dysfunction in humans.

Side effects of ashwagandha may include drowsiness. It should not be combined with sedative drugs.

You should not use any of the supplements listed above or any tips or suggestions for erectile dysfunction without your personal physician’s knowledge and approval. Your personal situation may or may not match the situations described in this article.



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