Cholesterol, that evil word that impacts the lives of many Americans. There are multiple ways to lower your cholesterol discussed in “The Top 6 Home Remedy Suggestions To Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Confirmed By More Than 1 Cholesterol Study”. We have add additional links to other resources that will help in reducing your cholesterol.

Home Remedy Suggestions

The results from a cholesterol study by Baylor College of Medicine confirms that you can do certain this go improve your cholesterol levels. This is not the only cholesterol study to confirm the natural approach. You still should see the help and advice of a medical professional when you start working to reduce your LDL cholesterol levels.

How To Lower Your Cholesterol At Home,

The Top 6 Home Remedy Suggestions To Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Confirmed By More Than 1 Cholesterol Study

The Top 6 Home Remedy Suggestions

First what is cholesterol? Cholesterol is found in all animal tissue. Cholesterol is simply a waxy substance. The foods that are the highest contributors to cholesterol are organ meats and the yellow part or yolks in eggs.

Cholesterol comes in two forms, LDL or low-density lipoproteins and HDL ro high density lipoproteins. The LDL is what is called the bad cholesterol. HDL is used by cells to and is transported via the blood stream and gets dropped off along the way in arteries. As it is deposited it clogs the blood vessels and arteries and is a contributing factor in the formation of plaque. The HDL is good because it removes or lowers the LDL from the system. The LDL then goes back to the liver and is taken out of the body.

When you visit your physician he is going to make some recommendations as to how you can lower your LDL levels. Here is a list of the top 6 Home Remedy Suggestions to lower your LDL cholesterol levels.

The Top 6 Home Remedy Suggestions
To Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Confirmed By More Than 1 Cholesterol Study

1.   Increase or add exercise to our daily activities – If you are sedentary in nature this can have a very positive effect of your LDL cholesterol levels. When you exercise you body creates the energy needed by processing proteins, sugars and fats. Once your body uses the available sugars and proteins it move on to your fat stores for energy. To accomplish this, your liver increases the HDL levels circulating in your blood stream. The HDL circulates through the blood stream and picks up LDL which is converted into energy when you exercise. If you can add 30 minutes of exercise at least three or four times per week you will get the results you are looking for.

2.       Convert to a low fat diet – Many times the thing that you think you should do it not always the case. Diet is one of those things. It is not always bad to eat foods high in cholesterol. You can eat them in moderation. The key is avoiding the foods that are high saturated fat.

3.       Stop smoking – If you are a smoker then stop, and if you don’t smoke then don’t start. Smoking has the effect of increasing the plaque buildup in your arteries by increasing the LDL levels.

4.       Soluble fiber is your friend – It is important to increase the soluble fiber in your diet. Soluble fiber is a key element in the removal of cholesterol from your body. It accomplishes this by binding to the cholesterol.

5.       Add red yeast rice to your diet – Statin drugs are made using red yeast rice. So eating this food in its natural state makes sense.

6.       Eliminate as much stress as possible – Stress increases the levels of LDL in your body. If you are high stressed making the other changes may not have a measurable effect. This is very important.

There are 6 great Home Remedy Suggestions to help you lower the LDL levels and raise the HDL levels of cholesterol in your body. Get started and enjoy a better quality of life. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments feel free to post them in our comments section.

Home Remedy Suggestions


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