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Home Remedies for getting rid of redness from sunburn?

I got sunburn badly on my face yesterday and the prom is in a week. Im stuck in the house with basic house-hold things, not much I can really grab from the store like Aloe or anything. I’ve got some Banana Boat Aloe Spray, just cools my face off, it is still red. Is there any home remedies that actually work? If so, could you please type step-by-step instructions to do them? Thanks guys!

egg whites work on burns, i got burned badly on my hand and the egg whites helped take the red out. If you’re up for it, put it on your face, leave it for as long as you can and don’t touch it!! i hope it works, and have fun at prom 🙂 you can always put makeup on if none of these remedies work a green-colored concealer to counteract the redness and then put your regular foundation on

this explains the green concealer: