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What Is Natural Therapy?

As we move to a time of more awareness we move back to answers from times of past days. This article looks at “What Is Natural Therapy?” This article looks at this form of Alternative Medicine. There are multiple links to educational resources. Alternative Medicine and Natural Therapy Introduction First it is important to define…

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The Watermelon: A Great Natural Remedy!

As summer comes upon us thoughts of sitting on the beach or in your backyard eating a cold piece of watermelon might be coming to mind. There are many reasons to do so and they are discussed in this article “The Watermelon: A Great Natural Remedy!”. We have also included some links to other resources…

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Is There Natural Medicine To Promote Healing Muscles?

This is in response to a question from someone that had surgery and is looking for natural healing methods. There are additional links to resources for you to learn more about Natural Medicine To Promote Healing Muscles below.   I’ve just had surgery and had to be cut open like 9 inches or better. Is…

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10 Natural Ways To Get Foot Fungus Relief

Whether you are a man or a woman having foot fungus problems is not something that you want to deal with. This article “10 Natural Ways To Get Foot Fungus Relief” offers some simple natural solutions for foot fungus relief. There are also additional links at the end of this article to other resources for…

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Manuka Honey As A Natural Alternative To Antibiotics

This article “Manuka Honey as a Natural Alternative to Antibiotics” looks at a popular alternative treatment for various aliments. There are additional links to resources regarding Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey Recent studies have shown that a particular type of honey outperforms antibiotics when treating many health complications, both internally and topically on the skin. There…

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Natural Remedies for Puffy Eyes

Whether it is from lack of sleep, a hard night partying or just age, nobody likes to have puffy eyes. This article “Natural Remedies for Puffy Eyes” offers some tips. There are also links to other articles that will give you some helpful insights to use natural remedies for puffy eyes.   Here are some…

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