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Home Remedy Network How To Treat Panic Disorder

For many people panic disorder is a real thing. The feeling of almost total helplessness and crippling fear is something that lurks behind each minute. This article “How To Treat Panic Disorder” looks at options. There are additional links at the end of this article.

Home Remedy Network How To Treat Panic Disorder

Home Remedy Network How To Treat Panic Disorder


Anxiety disorder treatments are important to take note of when one experiences panic attacks. This disorder must be taken seriously as it can truly hinder the victim from experiencing normal life. Many people, from adults to children, have gone through a panic attack sometime during their life.

Home Remedy Network How To Treat Panic Disorder – Finding out the Causes

A panic attack stems from the development of a phobia or an irrational fear that may have been triggered by a particular situation or experience. The person would begin to avoid these situations and experiences to the point wherein it can be quite inconvenient for them once they have developed a pattern of avoidance and a heightened level of anxiety. If they do come across with the situation that is their phobia, it will trigger a panic attack.

Home Remedy Network How To Treat Panic Disorder The symptoms of

1. A shortness of breath which would feel like tightening in the throat and chest area

2. Fast heart rate and a tingling sensation

3. A feeling of detachment from the environment including the people

4. Nausea and obsessive worries plaguing the mind, particularly about death and fear

5. A feeling of being cold and chilly

6. A tingling sensation in the fingers and hands.

A panic attack usually lasts for about 10 minutes or more, and the experience can be as drastic as the sensation of having a heart attack. Experiencing panic attacks often will lead to more anxiety as the victim dreads the onset of a possible future episode.

Panic disorder can be inherited in the genes, or it can be triggered by lack of nutrients, particularly magnesium and zinc.

While there can be quite a number of panic disorder treatment options available out there, from medicinal to physical, the safest way to start with facing this disorder would be to follow practical and safe panic disorder treatment guidelines, such as those from the book Panic Away.

Written by Barry Joe McDonaugh, Panic Away makes use of cognitive psychology as a form of general anxiety disorder treatment. It is composed of a series of exercises for your physique as well as your mind that can treat your panic disorder.


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