/Alternative Acne Treatments

Alternative Acne Treatments

One the most common complaints that women have is dealing with acne, especially at unexpected times. Here are some “Alternative Acne Treatments” that can help. There are additional links to other resources for treating acne alternatively.

Alternative Acne Treatments


It has typically been accepted that acne typically happens when oil glands in the skin become blocked by waste. There are alternative acne treatments  that work. Below we list the top 5 that we have found.

Alternative Acne Treatments
Alternative Acne Treatments Work


The Top 5 Alternative Acne Treatments

Alternative Acne Treatment #1 – Clean the Skin With Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

Clean with Moroccan Rhassoul Clay is a great way to clean your skin without irritation. Rhassoul clay reduces oil production but doesn’t dry your skin out. This means that your skin will be clean while staying soft and smooth.
It is not hard to make your own cleaner at home. Start with a teaspoon of Rhassoul clay and mix it with warm water. Adding one quarter teaspoon will help to treat oily skin. If your skin is red substitute one quarter teaspoon of chamomile tea leaves. Use once daily.

Alternative Acne Treatment #2  – Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil had strong antibacterial effects. You can combine five percent tea tree oil along with ninety-five percent non-comedogenic oil. This will be effective in treating 2 main strains of acne producing bacteria. Apply on affected areas daily.

Alternative Acne Treatment #3 – Green Tea Wash

Using Green Tea as a wash can improve your acne problem. Take two tablespoons of some green tea leaves, loose are best. Add the leaves to 1 cup of water that is boiling. Steep the mixture for ten minutes and then use as part of your daily wash routine. You can drink any excess and it will provide some general anti-inflammatory bonus benefit.

Alternative Acne Treatment #4 –  Willow Bark Cleanse

Willow bark is a natural source of salicylic acid. This substance will decrease skin inflammation and help to exfoliate your skin. The willow bark will speed up the cell turnover process.

Alternative Acne Treatment #5. Alter You Diet To Eliminate Dairy And Sugar

The cause of acne is from within. Ancient Chinese Alternative medicine believes that as the body builds up phlegm and dampness acne will erupt. Foods like ice cream, cheese along with other foods containing milk  will cause the body to produce phlegm. Sugar causes the dampness mentioned. The best way to counteract this is through diet.

Take the time to learn what works for you. Never stop using any prescription medications or use supplements with prescription medicines without consulting with your personal physician.


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